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Gravel tour in the Oslo forest


3 hours + stops

To ensure availability, please make your booking reservation at least 3 days in advance. For reservations within a shorter timeframe, kindly send us an email to check for availability.


75% gravel 75% in the nature Local pastry/waffel and coffee in a forest cabin Swim in a really clean lake Beautiful views Superb bikes Local guide A bit hilly – E-bikes make it easier

Each stop along the way offers a unique story or historical fact. Let's dive into some of the highlights:

1. First, we must get out of the city - On asphalt through the Barcode District. As we start our journey from Oslo S, we'll pass through the Barcode District, known for its modern architecture. Each building in this area has its own story and design concept, reflecting the contemporary identity of Oslo.

2. Dyvekesbro: Crossing Dyvekesbro takes you out of the heart of Oslo's waterfront area. Named after Dyveke Sigbritsdatter, a Danish noblewoman who lived in the 15th century, this bridge is steeped in history and offers stunning views of a skatepark with pretty amazing street art.

3. Kværner Valley: This area has a rich industrial history, with Kværner ASA being one of Norway's largest engineering and construction companies. The valley has witnessed significant development over the years, transitioning from industrial to residential and recreational use.

4. Alna River Gravel Road: Following the gravel road along the Alna River offers a peaceful journey through nature, with the river serving as a central feature. The Alna River has played a vital role in Oslo's history, once powering numerous watermills along its banks. It looks like a small “rainforest”

5. Bryn Station and Center: Bryn Station has been a transportation hub since its establishment in the early 20th century. Bryn Center, with its mix of residential and commercial spaces, reflects the evolution of suburban Oslo. As soon as we pas Bryn Center we have an amazing gravelroad world in front of us. No more asphalt – just nature.


Østensjøvannet: This lake is a serene oasis within the city, offering opportunities for birdwatching and nature walks. It is a natural reserve and one of the most important breeding areas for birds in Scandinavia. We pas Østensjø gård, laying up on a hill overviewing the whole lake and the rival farms on the west side. An historic farmstead that provides insights into traditional Norwegian farm life.

7. Rustadsaga: Rustadsaga, an old sawmill, stands as a reminder of Oslo's industrial past. The surrounding forest and Nøklevann lake offer scenic beauty and recreational opportunities. If we dare we will have a quick refreshing dip in the lake.

8. Sarabråthen: This area is known for its cultural heritage and traditional Norwegian architecture. AS it was before the stylish 1800 century recreation house for the nobility was taken down in the 1950`s. Nøklevann was turned into the water reservoir for the hole east part of the city. Cycling through Sarabråthen and the suburbs provides a glimpse into rural life in Norway.

9. Østmarksetra: As you reach Østmarksetra, you'll encounter a charming forest cabin serving traditional Norwegian food. This stop is perfect for refueling and experiencing Norwegian hospitality. We will stop here for a refreshment.

From Østmarksetra we will cross most of the eastern parts of Oslo from the forest to the seaside. Back to Østensjøvannet, through the suburb of Manglerud and towards Ekeberg. Ekeberg is a big area hosting one of the biggest football tournaments for youths in the world. Norway cup.

10. Ekeberg Sculpture Park: The Ekeberg Sculpture Park features a collection of contemporary sculptures set against the backdrop of lush greenery and panoramic views of Oslo. It's a perfect blend of art and nature.

11. Ekeberg Restauranten: The last part of our journey we make a visit to Ekeberg Restauranten, a historic restaurant offering gourmet cuisine and stunning vistas of Oslo and the Oslo Fjord. You will have time for a refreshment and to admire the view.

Throughout your gravel tour, you'll not only experience the natural beauty of Oslo's landscapes but also uncover its rich history and cultural heritage. Enjoy the ride with us.


The ride is 30 km and takes 3-4 hours. We do about 500 meters in altitude. Here you can choose between regular gravelbikes that looks like racebikes or -E-bikes. This tour we do every Saturday from May 1. To June 15th from 09.00 – 13.00 and from June 15th to august 15. Every Wednesday and Saturday – 09.00 – 13.00 and 15.00 – 19.00. This tour you can also book as a private tour.

Price: 990,- nok including gravel bike

Price: 1190,. Nok including e-bike.


Ages 13+ • 3 hours • Ride on gravel along rivers, lakes, ruins, and wildlife

Personel per Guide:
Minimum 3 Persons
Maximum 10 Persons

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Oslo's Nature Escape

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