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Oslo – a Bike Friendly City


 1. Bike-Friendly Infrastructure

 One of the primary reasons why Oslo is an excellent bike city is its   bike-friendly infrastructure. The city has an extensive network of   bike paths, bike lanes, and bike-friendly streets, making it easy   and safe to bike around. Additionally, the city has made   significant  investments in improving its bike infrastructure over   the years, with dedicated bike lanes and bridges that connect   different parts of the city. This infrastructure makes Oslo a great   city for cyclists of all skill levels.



2. Accessible Bike Rentals

Exploring Oslo by bike is possible using the bike rental options available in the city. The best option for bike rental is at the main train station on its south side. Here you find Oslo bikerental. The bikes are well-maintained and making it easy and convenient to explore the city on two wheels.


3. Scenic Routes

Oslo’s natural beauty is breath-taking, and exploring the city by bike allows visitors to experience it up close. The city has numerous scenic routes that take cyclists through forests, along lakes, and past beautiful gardens. Some of the most popular routes include the Akerselva River trail, the Frognerparken Loop, and the Bygdøy Peninsula tour. These routes offer cyclists a chance to see some of Oslo’s most beautiful attractions while enjoying a leisurely ride. Information about the routes you will find at Visit Oslo and at Oslo Bikerental.


4. Active Bike Culture

Oslo’s bike culture is another reason why the city is a great place to explore by bike. The city has a vibrant community of cyclists who regularly participate in group rides, events, and races. This culture creates a friendly and supportive environment for cyclists, making it easy for visitors to feel welcome and comfortable when biking in the city.


             5. Sustainable City

Oslo is a city committed to sustainability, and biking is a key part of its efforts to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable transportation. As such, the city has made significant investments in its bike infrastructure, making it easy for residents and visitors to choose biking as their preferred mode of transportation.

In conclusion, Oslo is a fantastic bike city with excellent infrastructure, accessible bike rentals, scenic routes, active bike culture, and a commitment to sustainability. If you’re planning a trip to Oslo, be sure to explore the city by bike to experience its natural beauty up close while enjoying a sustainable mode of transportation.

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